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About Orange Blossom Balloons

Orange Blossom Balloons is the Premier Balloon Company in Central Florida and is the largest passenger ride operator on the Eastern seaboard of the United States. We have recently merged with Blue Water Balloons to form Orlando Balloon Rides.Hot air balloon ride with Orlando Balloon Rides

We fly thousands of people a year in balloons specifically designed and engineered for passenger comfort.  Our balloons are all 2007 models and have all the latest safety features with you in mind.   We are most proud of our 100%, unblemished safety record.   Our reputation has been built over many years and Orlando Balloon Rides is held with great regard not only by the ballooning community but also in the travel and tourist industry.

The company holds contracts with more than 80 national and international tour and travel operators as well as many local guest service organizations. These contracts cover many American and Canadian operators, every British Tour Company, the top 7 Japanese Tour Companies and many other European operators.  We are the only company in the South East US contracted to fly guests from AAA motor club

In addition to our most successful ride business our company is proud to have extensive national and international experience in all aspects of ballooning including corporate hospitality, promotional advertising and tethered operations.  Consequently we have featured in numerous T.V. programs throughout the world.

Why choose Orlando Balloon Rides/Blue Water Balloons/Orange Blossom Balloons?

  • Safety is our First Priority.

    We will only fly you in conditions that we deem to be safe.  Our decision to fly is always made with your safety in mind.  Our pilots are full time professionals that get paid whether we fly or not.  This means they are under no pressure to fly if the conditions are not quite right.  Each pilot is certified by the FAA with a commercial license and attends annual safety seminars.  Many of our pilots have been guest speakers at these events.
  • We have been in business since 1983. 

    Be assured that when you fly with us you will be with one of the most established balloon companies in the United States.  We have been making amazing memories and dreams come true for 25 years!
  • Equipment / Balloons

    Our balloons are always new and up to date.  We only fly safe and sturdy equipment that has your safety and comfort in mind.  Our larger balloons have compartments that have higher sides than most balloons.  They are partitioned and are padded on the inside.  These details will give you a high feeling of security once on board.  The basket floors are covered with high density foam which truly makes it easier to stand on while enjoying your flight.  We hope that these features will give you a high feeling of security once on board and in the air. 

    Our fleet is custom designed and built by Ultramagic Balloons and we always purchase our equipment brand new.
  • Insurance

    From start to finish be safe in the knowledge that you are fully insured.  All our balloons and vehicles are commercially insured for passenger carrying operations. 

If you have any questions feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer them for you.

To book your flight of a lifetime, call us today on 1.407.894.5040, email or complete our online booking form today!

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